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Logistic Application

Surveillance system is always been applied in logistic environment for a while because of security request. But actually surveillance systems could have a integration combined with logistic management system of each logistic customer .

Below is a total solution example which QCTEK provided that could have a synchronization screen to integrate the video , logistic information with instant online audit management system . By through a designed message (such as AWB serial number , time , location , barcode number , etc. ) will able to track the subject matter .

Tracking through monitoring and management system , customers can monitor the goods in the case of each station , but also can be transported trajectory tracking information to ensure normal shipping .

We could also create tailored system services according to customer’s demand .

►  Real Case of Application 

Taiwan DHL Express Surveillance and Logistic Management system .

Waybill details in database :

Waybill details combined with Surveillance system :