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Intelligent Parking Lot

                  Since the license plate image recognition technology matures, the related systems have been applied not only to assist the police arrested in stolen cars , but also recently in some office of the parking lot , they gradually saw this smart " electronic security guards" , HE never has rests and 24 hours guarded your parking lot entrance.

                  Most of the traditional parking lot is using ticket to regulate , but because of this " identification card does not recognize the car " approach , resulting in a number of flaws in management , such as rental customer uses multiple unit cars share a card . It caused a lot of security and management issue in most parking lot .

                However, using the license plate recognition system , the above problems will no longer occur . In addition to the car system can confirm whether or not consistent with the number of instant ticket , more particularly, IN and OUT of the image recording all incoming and outgoing vehicles , have been properly preserved for the first time , if there is really any event , it can be easily according to license plate or the time to access . In addition to this greatly enhanced level of security , a management staff more conveniently directly by the remote monitoring computer management center in each lane webcam , but also improve the management of various public parking widespread problem of shortage.

                 As shown above is a license plate image recognition control system, the system contains a license plate image recognition server which can access local database or CLOUD data via Internet TCP / IP , when the vehicle is incoming/outgoing of the entrance/exit , camera will capture the license plate image triggered by IR detector/tapped inductor detector/image trigger , the system will automatically recognize the vehicle license plate belongs and to decide to open the gate or not. This simple system contributes a lot of benefits in managing the parking lots and have security control in most place .