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Optical Lens Glossary

►  Description of Image Quality influencing Parameters

         Key Parameters affecting the Image Quality as following :

             (1) Resolution =>  Means the minimal features of the object that can be resolved. 
                                               Element Affected by : Lens, Screen, Camera, Image Retrieving Card 

(2) Contrast     =>  Means the comparison of shadow and grey level between the object and the background in the image. 
                                                Element Affected by : Lens, Lighting, Camera

             (3) Landscape  =>  Means the nearest and farthest objects that can be viewed. 
                                                Element Affected by : Lens Aperture Value

             (4) Distortion   =>  Means the optical error of the image resulting from the variation at varied points during the lens. 
                                                Element Affected by : Lens

►  Effective Area Size of Camera Light-sensing Component

         Most of CCD cameras are set at 4:3 (H:V) ratio (Aspect Ratio). Recently, the 16:9 ratio has also been developed for CMOS Sensor.

►  f  number 

         The F Value is the indicator of the lens brightness. The bigger the value, the lower brightness.
         The smaller the value, the higher the brightness.
         However, it should be selected in conjunction with the camera .